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Why farmtyresdirect?

Why farmtyresdirect?

Tractor Tyres

Buying tractor tyres online has never been easier thanks to Farm Tyres Direct. Simply search for your tyre tractor by size, buy it, and deliver it to your door. Then, you can either fit the tyres yourself or get one of our qualified and trusted fitters to help fit them for you. If this is your first time buying tractor tyres, we can help guide you through the process too. We carry the largest range of new and used specialty tyres in the United Kingdom for agricultural use, so we can guarantee customer satisfaction where others can’t. We also have delivery services right across the UK. Here is what you should consider before buying new tyres for tractors.

How to determine what size of tractor tyres you need

Each tractor tends to have agricultural tyres of different sizes. If you have never had to order new tyres, you may not know what tyre size you need. The good thing is, it’s easy to find out! Simply look at the sidewall of your current tyres and copy down the numbers that are there.

The tyres’ tractor numbers will look something like this: 520/85R46, if it does, that is the metric measurement. If it looks like this: 20.8R46, that is the imperial version. Both numbers mean the same thing, they are just written using a different measurement unit, so you can search for either on our website, and you will find tyres to fit your tractor.

The numbers are not random, and each one means something specific about your tyre. The first number, so 520 or 20 in our example, is the section width size of the tyre. So our example tyre’s section width is 20 inches or 520mm. The last number in both the metric and imperial version, here it’s 46, is the diameter of the tyres’ centre in inches. This is also known as the rim size.

If your numbers have an ‘R’ as the example does, it is a radial construction tyre. If it has a dash instead like this: 20.8-46, it would be a cross-ply construction tyre. Most tractors and farmers use radial tyres, but crossply is still a regular option for a tractor tyre.

Once you find and understand the numbers on your tyres’ sidewall, you can easily find your tyres online by searching either the imperial or metric version on our website. If you need further assistance in finding your tyre size on the tyre or online, call us today, and a specialty tyres expert will help you out!

Choosing between radial and crossply tyres

Though radial construction tyres are the most popular type of agricultural tyres, there are benefits to both types. Crossply tyres have been around for a long time and were used before radial tractor tyres, they started being used around 1888. A crossply tyre is made of nylon cords layered across each other at an angle, then encased in a rubber shell. This makes the tyres rigid and durable as they consist of multiple layers. So, crossply tyres tend to be stronger and more resilient to damage than radial tyres. They are also cheaper.

Radial tyres were invented much later, in 1948, the popular tyre company Michelin created them. Radial tyres are made of steel cords rather than the nylon cords crossply tyres are made of. This allows radial tyres to be strong but flexible. Since they are flexible, they can absorb shocks and bumps better than crossply tyres. This is what makes radial tyres popular for agricultural use as the ground is often bumpy and misshapen, so radial tyres will offer a more comfortable ride.

Load Index

Another type of figure on the tyres is the load index, these numbers tell you what the load capacity of your wheel is. This is important to note because the load index determines the maximum weight your tyres can safely carry. To find the load index, you need to look at the tyre’s sidewall again.

The load index will look something like this: 171 A8. The number refers to the weight you can carry, so a load index of 171 can carry 6,150 kg and the A8 refers to the speed, which for this example is 40km/h. So, for this example, this means you can only drive up to 40km/h with a weight of up to 6,150kg on your tractor. Going faster or over your load index’s weight will wear down your tyres quicker and can even be dangerous if you go too fast.

The benefit of buying tyres online

Tractor tyres are big and heavy, and this makes buying them at a specialty store inconvenient. That is why we sell tractor tyres online instead, for your convenience. If you are a seasoned farmer, you most likely know what tyre size you need. This makes the process of buying a new set extremely easy. Even if you don’t know your size, few can help! So, buying new tyres should only be a three-four step process: find your size, search for it on our site, buy it, and finally, fit it. We will send the tyres for delivery directly to you, you don’t even have to lift a finger!

If you don’t already have a fitter or don’t know how to fit the tyres yourself, we can also help you. We have a trusted network of fitters on standby and in your area. Once you order your tyres for delivery, indicate that you would like us to send out a fitter as well. Our trusted fitter will come and install your new tyres right away, meaning you can get back to work and use your tractor immediately. Buying tractor tyres has never been easier.

How to contact us

Farm Tyres Direct is dedicated to providing quality agricultural tyres to our costumers with timely delivery. If you have any questions about tyre sizes or what tyre brands we carry, don’t hesitate to call us so our experienced staff can answer any questions you have. Call us at 01223 640780 or email us at sales@outlandgroupltd.com with any questions or concerns. We are here for all your tractor tyres’ needs!


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