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The Farm Dog

The Farm Dog

Lap up The Benefits of Having a Farm Dog…


If you’re like us and love having dogs around the farm, you’ll also know that dogs bring lots of positives.

There are a range of benefits that come with having a working dog to help you with your busy life as a farmer…

It has to be said that there is usually a unique relationship between the farmer and his most loyal canine friend.

Very few farms are complete without having at least one or two wet-nosed, four-legged friends around, and this isn’t a new phenomenon – for thousands of years, man and his dog has worked the land together – they’re literally hard-wired for the role.

Farm dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with the sheepdog being the most popular variety. Still, you’ll see anything from the border collie to the gundog labradors to the guard and security dogs of German Shepherds around the farmyard.

Many farmers see these animals as essential in relation to the running of the farm, not only because they are loyal and devoted companions in what can be a relatively lonely job but also because they are extremely intelligent and can quickly help in the running of the farm

Farm dogs have a number of jobs for which they are used, which includes everything from protecting life stock from predators to helping control vermin to herding up sheep and cattle, as well as helping with finding lost stock.  And that’s just for starters!

The great thing about farm dogs is that they have a fabulous work ethic and thoroughly enjoy the jobs they have to do about the farm – they seem to thrive on it!

A working dog, like any apprentice, may need lots of training and patience initially while they learn the tricks of the trade.

The training they require may include safety elements- particularly around farm equipment such as tractors and their massive tyres, as well as establishing the farm’s land boundaries, and of course, enforcing the correct interaction with the animals they’ll be coming across


One Man and His Dog…

So, there are several questions you should ask yourself before you purchase a shaggy farm-hand – are you in need of a herding dog or a livestock security guardian?  Or both?

Farm dogs have a job of protecting the land and the animals they are in charge of – so they have to be tough enough to protect against predators as well as sensitive enough to know when another animal needs help.

Intelligent and agile herding dogs such as border collies love their work, and herding is their passion – they don’t attack sheep or cattle, but they do see them as prey, and they take their work very seriously as they just love to please their farmer-owners.

Whereas a guardian dog looks after the life-stock as though they are part of the family and are incredibly protective over them – woe betide anything that tries to hurt the animals under their protection!

So, if you are prepared to put in the time and effort of training one of these lovable canines, then you’ll reap the benefits of having a soppy furry friend for life – not to mention an unpaid helper except for food and love!


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