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The Benefits of Buying Used Tractor Tyres

The Benefits of Buying Used Tractor Tyres

Keep the Wheels Turning…


Having sturdy, durable tyres that are fully functioning on your tractor is essential.

Heavy-duty tyres for tractors is crucial to ensure effective operation as they need to be able to grip and move on different types of terrain and under different weather conditions. You’d think that when you’re in the process of buying new tyres, particularly for tractors, you’d always opt for brand new tyres – but think again…

It’s really important that the tyres can adapt to the load they are to carry, the time you’re likely to use them on the road, or on the field or other farm activities.

And therefore, it’s therefore imperative that you analyze your needs for the tractor and its tyres before you actually buy.

But it’s not cheap – the tractor tyres cost far more than car tyres, and so you need them to be long-lasting and reliable.


Types of Tractor Tyre

There are three main types of tyre you’ll be choosing from – turf, industrial and agricultural – which one you choose depends on what you use the tractor for.

The type of tyre you choose will be determined by what you want to use the tractor for…

Turf tyres are mainly used for mowing grass, whereas agricultural tyres are designed for fields and farms, and industrial tyres are used for construction and can carry heavy loads on the road.

Agricultural tyres tend to be wider and have a deep tread, which makes them perfect for muddy fields.

Turf tyres have minimal traction, which allows them to be used on soft surfaces like grass and sand, without upsetting the ground.


Benefits of Second-Hand


There are a number of benefits when it comes to buying used tyres, such as:

  • Second-hand tyres are cheaper so they can save you money
  • They are more environmentally-friendly
  • If you have a puncture and all tyres are at 50%, it’s better for the tractor to match up to a used tyre than having a brand new one
  • It means you can splash out on the top brands such as Michelin or Bridgestone as second-hand tyres are obviously more affordable.


What to Look for in Second-Hand Tractor Tyres

You obviously know you are going to have some stud wear and tear on used tyres, but this is a good way in being able to tell you how much the tyres have been used – in some of the tyres is smooth, don’t touch it.

If the lugs are scratched and ripped, there’s a strong possibility they’ve been used for work other than farm work – so look for deep lugs. You must install tyres that have enough traction to stop your tractor slipping and sliding all over the place – so check the tread bars for good grip!

When choosing the size of your tractor’s tyres, bear in mind what you’re going to use the tractor for – try and buy the broadest possible, as they’ll increase efficiency and reduce ground compaction.

However, it’s essential that whatever you buy is roadworthy and meets safety measures and that they are able to deal with the strenuous demands of agricultural usage.


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