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Benefits of ‘VF’ Tyres for Tractors

Benefits of ‘VF’ Tyres for Tractors

As anyone who is in the tractor business will tell you, getting the right tractor tire, which can carry more load, is essential for productivity.

Agricultural machinery is becoming more massive than ever before. Therefore the tire technology needs to keep up with these innovative changes as these heavy loads demand that these agricultural tires distribute their weight evenly across any soil they come into contact with.

These giant agricultural beasts can cover more areas in a single cycle while still spraying, seeding, harvesting, or fertilizing but without disrupting the landscape on which it roams.

Farmers, therefore, need to know the difference between standard tires, which have conventional radial casings, and tires that have increased flexion (IF) casings, as well as tires that have VF ‘very high flexion’ casings and, as a result, are able to bear more weight.

And VF tires are engineered for the most extensive and heaviest agricultural machinery….

Therefore, it’s a no-brainer – if a VF tire can bear 40% more weight than any other tire, why go for a less sophisticated type that literally can’t carry the burden?

The other main reason for having a VF tire is their versatility – great news alert – you no longer have to get down off your tractor to adjust the tire pressure for different usage, which will save you time and energy.

So, if it’s heavy loads, reduced time and mileage between the field and the grain elevator or manure pile that you’re after, VF tires are your simple choice.

Whether it’s a tractor, a combine harvester, a self-propelled sprayer, and flotation with modern tread patters that you deal with, VF tires are probably your best bet…

Sophistication of materials

To be honest, it’s hard to tell the difference between tires – the shape is the same on all models, and the number of lugs only differs depending on the tire’s dimensions.

But, as with many things, it’s what’s inside that counts!

The materials used in the VF tire are extremely high-tech – the beads, for example, are super-strengthened, which means a higher quality tire than a standard.

By using the lower inflation of a VF tire, you’ll be enlarging your machine tire’s footprint and therefore improving traction, fuel economy, as well as soil protection.

VF tires help to reduce soil compaction, which in turn helps to promote increased yields.

Win, win.

By using extensive technological research into what tractor users actually want, VF tires have become exceptional regarding value for money, versatility, and safety on the road.

Suppose it’s unparalleled traction, fuel efficiency as well as products that you’re after for your agricultural machines. In that case, you should seriously contemplate switching to VF tires with their many benefits of large and heavy load carrying capacity at the same tire pressure as a standard flotation tire, which reduces the risk of soil compaction.

They may be more to buy initially, but they will actually turn out to be more profitable and cost-saving in the long-run.

So, for great benefits of:

  • Heavier load carrying
  • Less pressure adjustment
  • Soil protection
  • Greater productivity

Choose VF tractor tires next time you need to change…



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